Uniaxial Creative Design & Best Feature

Web & Software development has always been unique appearance and featured process,we are here to provide the unique creative design and Unique feature for your Business

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We are Best Team to create something Unique

SEO[serach Engine Optimisation] Team works for your Business Website to get you on top all the time, Suppot Team works 24x7 for your any downtime or troubleshooting.

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Uniaxial Features.

Our features make us an Unique Development Agency worldwide, No Limit of Border, From Any Corner of the World You can Avail Our Services & Support Whether You are a Individual or An Organisation or A Company, We are eager to Serve You.

Creative Design

Achieving a well designed Graphics & animation for your business or personal website always requires really hard work and being up to date with the latest trends in design. Uniaxial prepare all this in a day with Quality For You.

Responsive Layouts

Responsive Layouts is a unique approach in web and software development that implies that Web Design and Development should provide good respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Great Features

Fully Customized Webpage, High level Animation, Latest Coding, Awesome Responsive Plugins, Quality Graphics and More other features makes Software, Website and application developed with all the great Features at Uniaxial Technology.

Multiple Options

whether You aprroaches us for a Single page Information Website or Multiple Landing Pages Websites or For any digital Solution [e.g SEO, SMO, SEM].We Provide Multiple Option for your Business which solve 99.9% of Future Business Query.

Quality Code

In Digital World it's important to find a developer that can pull off the visual aspects of the project, it's equally and much important to make sure that the website's code is high quality. With uniaxial Quality code Developer It's Easy.

Awesome Support

24x7 Reliable Support. No matter whether it is our designed website ,software & Application or any other software developed by Other Organisation or Company,You can avail the support at any time.[Paid Service for Software of Other Company]

About us

Uniaxial Technology incorporated in 2014 is a Group of Expert Developer, Graphic Designer ,Expert Technician & Professionals having more than 10 years of work Experience. Services & support provided by the team aimes only to connect every individual or company or organisation in any corner of the world with each other to feel that world is borderless and just the ONE. Always feel Free to Contact Us No matter Where are you in the World. We will reach You for Help

Our Skills

These are area of expertise for Our Service ,Our Experts and Our Oranisation.

Web Development
Application Development
Graphic Designing
Digital Marketing
Research & Design
Software Support

Why Choose Us?


Way of designing layout differ from company to company.We at Uniaxial create awesome Unique design layout to make sure Web Design and Development always provide good respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. we are strickly concerned about project Completion on Time. Our Quality assurance Department supervise the project throughout the process for the Quality Work, Project manager make sure the On time delivery for the project.Inspection and Supervision of the projects are done bby the Experts to make sure the ZERO ERROR in the Development.

Software ,Application & Web design itself is the first thing we see as a website visitor and needs to be first-rate, taking into account important considerations like business objectives, branding, and marketing strategy. The design is visual and right there in front of us. It’s real and ready to be critiqued as effective or not.On the other hand, the code that actually brings a website to life (HTML, CSS, PHP) are behind the scenes and out of sight. Unless you know how to look into these things, you’re at the mercy of your web developer to deliver a final product whose code is at the same level of quality as the design itself. With Uniaxial ,High quality of Development Solve all these.

Support Availability For the Service & Project delivered is one of the major factor for any individual or orgainsation. Here at Uniaxial we commit that whether You are an Individual or a Company or An Organisation located at any Corner of the World, Support is Available 24x7 with expert Developers ,Technicians, Professionals and Designer in Multi Language [ENGLISH,SPANISH,FRENCH,JAPANESE,GERMAN & CHIENSE ].Choose a category to find the help you need. Website Development Issue, Software Development Issue, Other Company Software Issue,Graphic Issue,Login Issues. Account access and login. Loading... Account Management. Find, modify, or recover account, You will be transferred to the concerned department.

Hours Work

Uniaxial Services

Uniaxial's Operation Area and Expertise range is here. Services are available throughout the World for Signup.

AWS Cloud Consulting

Explore secure, safe, and fast adaptation Platform of AWS compute services, AWS Networking, AWS Management, AWS Database, AWS Storage,AWS Development, AWS Cloud Consulting..

Azure Cloud Service

VPC,App,VM, Container & Functions, Azure & GCP LB & Instance groups, Azure DBs, cloud SQL, Cloud DNS, Azure AD and AWS IAM, Azure storage services, App Engine, Cloud monitoring, Cloud tasks, Cloud build, Azure DevOps.


Automation Designers / Drafters Energy Management Mechanical Project Management Quality / Lean / Six Sigma Research & Development Sustainability Technical Publications / Writing Testing and Validation .

Web Development

Website Development [Personal Website, E-Commerce Website, Business Website ] [HTML, PHP, CSS, JQUERY, AJEX, ASPX].

Software Solution.

Billing Software, Hotel Reservation Software, Bar code reader, Bar Code Generator, Mobile Application [Android & IOS].

Digital Marketing

SEO, SMO, SEM, Google & Bing PPC Managment, Brand promotion, Affiliate Marketing.Internet marketing solution and services.


Shopping Cart Solution, Online Product Merchandising, SKU Management, Payment Gateway Integration For HTML & Wordpress.

App Development

Mobile Application[ For Android & IOS Platform], WEB Application[ Windows & Mac], Financial Application and More....

Database Management

Uniaxial Team has Successfully Completed various Database project for Pharmaceutical Companies and others with 100% efficiency.

Cloud Consulting Service

Online data storage, Backup solutions, Document collaboration,Database processing and managed Technical Support services .

Artificial Intelligence

Dedicated Team to Work on AI Projects With Advanced Technique and Excellent acuracy For ongoing Projects and Upcoming Projects.

Support Service

We provide dedicated Support Service for our Own Developed Software or For any Other Software for the billing or Accounting .

Our Pricing Tables

These are our Pricing table for the Web Development and Integrated Services. Please note that Cloud Migration, Database Cloud Migration, Clooud Storage, Cloud CDN and other Integrated Cloud Services will be on additional cost, we request you to kindly clarify with our Team before signing up. For Other Cloud or Customise Service's Pricing or Business Enquiry You can contact US.

$ 135 /mo
  • 1 Website Development
  • Limited SEO
  • 01 Domain & Cloud Setup
  • 01 Free Email
  • 06 Months Paid Support
  • Paid incident Support
$ 265 /mo
  • 3 Website Development
  • Limited SEO
  • 02 Domain & Cloud Setup
  • 05 Free Email
  • 01 year Free Support
  • Paid incident Support
$ 1125 /mo
  • 10 Website Development
  • 05 Domain & Cloud Setup
  • 20 Free Email
  • 03 year Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited incident Support

Uniaxial Wings.

Department & Wings created by Uniaxial management to handle the Business, Sale ,Project, Support, Query and Payments.

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Business Wing


To Handle Enquiry on Any New Project or to find the Status of any Ongoing Projects or Any Business Development Query. Email US or Dial the Toll Free for more on This.

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Development Wing


Development Wing Consist of Expert Developer, Designer , Technician and Other Professional to handle the Query about any development status on your ongoing project.

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Billing Department


Feel Free to Contact the Billing Department for any query related to Billing for Your Ongoing Project or New Project or For any kind of refund Query for Existing.

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Support Wing


you can contact the Support Team for any of your valuable feedback about completed Projects or to get the Support for any existing Project or Software [Others].

Whats Client Say

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They have well arranged system for everything. Very Happy to Get the Projecct on time.

Nimee Bhatnagar , Designer
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I must appreciate for their commitment. Software was not functioning correctly ,was fixed within 30 mnutes, thanks Guys.

Dave ColemanEvent Organiser.
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Our websites are functioning correctly, thanks to the Support Team being available round the clock.

Navin Nayak Singh, Ecommerce Business Owner
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Our Upcoming Projects & Blogs

Here is a look of what is coming in the future with the latest Blog On Technology or Other topics


A programming language is used to control the actions of a machine. Such a language is a properly drafted or constructed language when it is designed in such a way that through it instructions can be communicated to a computer system.

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Here you can find the 7 big Techniques of Digital Marketing i.e : Search engine optimization (SEO) Search engine marketing (SEM) Content marketing. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) Affiliate marketing. Email marketing.

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